My Work

Here is a small selection from the many website content projects I have delivered. Hopefully this is sufficient to demonstrate the breadth and quality of the work I produce.


Gadsby is the UK’s largest wholesaler of wicker hampers, gift packaging and retail display units. This is an extensive B2B e-commerce site. I was commissioned to write new content for all pages including the home page, product categories and individual products. The content aims to be informative while also inspiring customers to identify new retail opportunities.

…the whole process was totally refreshing. Vitally, Richard really took the time to understand our business, our customers and our products. The results are fantastic, and conversion rates and viewing times have already increased on website pages where he had an input.

Will Gadsby, Marketing Manager


When they launched a new website, Connexion decided on a fresh approach for the content. The previous site was too focused on their own business and technology, rather than the value they deliver to their clients.

In a noisy digital world finding the right voice and messages for your business is vital. This is what Richard brings. He has a knack for seeing your business in the way your customers do and then finding just the right words to connect with their problems and needs.

Working with Richard is really easy. He quickly grasps what you are trying to achieve and then just gets on with it.

Stephen Wright, Chief Technology Officer

B2B Copywriting Care Sector


CareFor creates specialised cloud based software for the domiciliary care market. The website aims to balance vital business messages around compliance and risk with being an approachable and friendly brand.

Richard has been part of our journey from start-up to becoming a recognised technology leader. Richard’s words have been instrumental in positioning us to win larger clients and achieve credibility in a competitive marketplace.

Future Industrial Ltd

Future Industrial is a nationwide supplier of industrial waste mangement services. The site content was rewritten to focus on customer needs and value rather than details of the services offered.


Intellectual Property law can seem like a dry topic. The objective in writing content for this site was to make it approachable and relevant. I have also assisted the business with a content and social media strategy.

Richard quickly grasped the detail of the services we provide and the way we work. The easy-to-read content is exactly what we needed – and what our prospects want to read.

Roger Moore, Owner.