About Me

Throughout my business career I’ve always been fascinated by what drives our decisions and behaviour; in particular the process that decides whether we buy something and who to buy it from.

I have been business manager in the technology and automotive sectors – so I have found myself on ‘both sides of the table,’ as a buyer and as a seller. The experience of dealing with senior executives in multinational corporations and smaller enterprises informs every project I work on.

Writing is something I enjoy and something I seem to find easier than most people. My experience helps me to empathise with your customers. I see your business as they do.

Blending my experience with an ongoing study of psychology and effective marketing practice offers new opportunities for my clients to reach more prospects and convert more customers.

  • Give your business blog personality and authority.
  • Tune your website content to your prospects’ needs.
  • Promote action!

Things I Write About

Most of my work is B2B, although I have also executed several B2C projects. The sectors I write for regularly include: IT, e-commerce, automotive, construction, professional services, social care, intellectual property and commercial property. Whatever your sector, if you have the subject knowledge I can turn it into words that will engage your audience and promote action.